Don’t even think about it !!!




1 bedroom apartment floorplan

this is all i need

literally all i need
just give me this and a significant other and a couple animals and i will be set

Please, I want this

This is all I need/want in life … oh and perhaps throw in a boyfriend and i’ll be a happy bunny ;)
Camoji is my new fave app … makes it so easy to make Gifs :)

New episode of Pillow Talk … this week I talk about Fake Pringles, North Korea and the state of the web in 1994.

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In Love with the Mirror light in my Hotel Room … Perfect for a selfie !!!
Airbridge Selfie

Looks like ‘Hurricane’ Bertha is on her way …

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New Youtube Channel Trailer ++ Subscibe :

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First episode of my weekly show Pillow Talk. This week I talk about 3D printed sex toys and a possible new season of Arrested Development !!!

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Mike Takes On The Bean Boozled Challenge - YouTube

I take on the Bean Boozled Challenge … did I get the Rotten Egg Flavoured Jelly Bean ?? Find out now :)

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