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hi i'm schmike




Umbrellas Street, Portugal.

i follow back xx

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Where do you see yourself this time next year?

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If theres one thing i’ve learnt from the last few years, you can never be sure where you’ll end up. So not sure really … could be sipping cocktails in the Caribbean or maybe eating Beans on Toast in Watford. #TheWorldIsOurOyster 

Boxers or briefs?

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Awww it has to be Boxers

How could you not like Boxers ? Look at that face !!

Top, bottom or versatile? :)

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Hang on … is there a forth option ??

Top or Bottom?

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Is there a third options ?? 

Hungover Still … Just Gonna Stay in Bed all day.

Ohhh #ShesSoSassy


Awh Grace, go back to sleep..

This is how I feel today … still hanging from Tuesday night :(


Qantas A380 by Tim Bowrey



[reevaluates life choices] 

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